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the beast

war. global warming. economic meltdown. and an election for the history books… sounds like a good time for a road trip.

but who wants to see the country racing from hotel to hotel? so, naturally, we got an RV. ok, ok… it’s a motorhome. there, i said it.

and despite lacking an AARP card between us, it’s actually pretty fun… if not exactly cool. we found a good deal on this lightly used ’08 Winnebago View. based on a Dodge Sprinter chassis, it’s essentially the U.S.-branded version of the Mercedes turbo-diesel delivery van that’s widely used in Europe. it’s got all the usual RV amenities: galley kitchen, cab-over bunk, toilet and shower… and now it’s got two under-aged RVers and a Mexican ridgeback mix pointing the beast south, then west, then north with the hopes of taking it slowly and seeing what there is to be seen.

our extremely loose plan is to stay in the warmer weather by traveling a “horseshoe” down the east coast, across the south, and up the west coast.  we’ll see what happens. if you know of any “must see” sites, parks, or gargantuan balls of twine, please fire away… you can catch up with us here, or send word to the next trailer park down the road.  :^)


12 Responses

  1. Hurry up. I’m waiting here.

    Also, we need pictures of the inside layout and floor plan and amenities and stocked fridge etc.

    Don’t forget the basics:
    Cognac, cointreau, gin, vodka, um… I think I’m going to need more space.
    Oh and organic lemon and lime juice (hard to find them fresh everywhere).

    Actually you have to be driving this thing so maybe I’ll take back all of the above.

  2. Come to Bawlmer, hons….

    We got a big ass ball of string here that’s very famous and a huge bra ball at the ever amusing American Visionary Arts Museum. Check out this article and website.



    Have a great time…


    ps – my sister is writing you too cuz they are buying an RV today…can you believe the coinky dink?

  3. christy, we’re totally planning to meet up wicha hon!

  4. goodie….

    the giant ball of string is covered with dust, filth and dead flies….cool

  5. Great, one more homeless family in Gonic. Have a good time in your “trailer” and be sure to stop in Santa Cruz when you hit California.

    Hope to see you soon.

  6. nice one ryan. like i haven’t had enough grief from my family. my sister refers to it as the double-wide. can’t wait to see you cats! stay tuned.

  7. Wow… Can we come along? P l e a s e… Will this venture include sailing at some point too? We could make some comparisons as to what vessel you could switch to that is the boat equivalent of the Winnabago.

    Send us a post card – promise we will covet them. If you have a few designated set stops w/addresses available – let us know and we will write too ( sketch post card)

    Cheryle, Vince, Annah Emmet & Isabelle

  8. how cool is that…….. my baby…with OBAMA…..p

  9. Yo B’ nice pic man. Why come Biden’s not representin?

  10. i can’t wait for some Chance loving……the oregon coast is spectacular. Did you guys strap your bikes to that beast?
    see ya

  11. hilary!!! we can’t wait to see you and chance is just dying to smother you with big wet kisses…

  12. hi, marjan went to a place called brook green gardens, in south carolina, they really liked it. not sure if that is near where you are going. glad the dogs are both doing well, looks like you are having fun. bye love hanna

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